Hello Friends! This site is a work in progress so check back for updates. I will be posting on different products we have tried and what we are currently using. We will also be posting a link to our YouTube channel once that is up and running as well. If there is anything you would like to see in particular, please let us know!


Latest from the Blog

Lake Superior Part #1

Pancake Bay Provincial Park/Lake Superior Provincial Park Richard and I actually took this trip Aug 2018, it was pretty epic. I have been meaning to post this for a while now and in light of traveling to Lake Superior next week I thought I’d better get to it.  Our first stop was Pancake Bay forContinue reading “Lake Superior Part #1”

Pog Lake – Algonquin

Well let me start by saying we have never seen Algonquin this busy, my goodness! As we are not people persons, this was unpleasant for us. I am all for people loving and enjoying the great outdoors, but those who litter and do not understand trail etiquette or know what 6ft looks like, can justContinue reading “Pog Lake – Algonquin”

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